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Boundstart - predictable lead generation

Helping your business increase sales.

Capture your target audience

Visitors become traffic

  • Ad wizards will determine the best platform, budget & audience for your business
  • We will develop promotional messages and ad designs
  • We will optimize ads to improve ROI
Launching advertising campaigns

Turn your audience into leads

Traffic turns into leads

  • Design wizards will create unique promotion pages
  • We will optimize pages to collect contact information from visitors
  • We will run tests to increase campaign conversions
Turn traffic to leads

Nurture your leads into becoming customers

With hot leads, your sales are growing

  • Marketing wizards will create an email campaign to turn leads into sales
  • We will track lead activity and pass hot leads to you or your sales team
Turn leads into sales.






Recent Projects

JuMiStory contest by Boundstart Rendez-vous contest by Boundstart

JuMi Story’s goal

Collect leads and make the brand recognizable.


We launched a contest through social media to collect leads. Following the contest, we offered participants a discounted photoshoot.


  • + 587 leads in first month.
  • + 17 photoshoots booked in the first 2 months

ROI for the first month was almost 500%!

Rendez-Vous’ goal

Create a marketing strategy for their new brand.


We set up a sales funnel for online and in person sales. After collecting leads and executing the strategy, we trained Rendez-Vous in closing their sales.


  • + 207 leads in the first month.
  • + 12 sales closed in the first month.
  • + 4 returning costumers within 3 months.
  • + 170 Facebook likes.

More than 170 new subscribers in social networks.

Boundstart reviews


Jun From JuMi Story review on Boundstart

Jun from JuMi Story

“ We weren’t seeing much engagement on our social media so we were looking for a new approach. Boundstart’s contest helped us reach new eyes in Vancouver. We definitely got our bang for our buck with this campaign. Thanks team! “

e-mail review

Andrei from ArtDiet review on Boundstart

Andrei from ArtDiet

“ Our goal before joining Boundstart was to push as many people through our funnel as possible. We were promised a campaign that could go viral and we were not disappointed. The amount of leads we got exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to our next campaign “

e-mail review


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